Worming is handled by the barn.  We worm every four months but send in a composite sample from multiple horses to be checked for parasite eggs between worming.  This prevents the horses from being exposed to chemicals they may not need.

We are stall limited but pasture rich.  Pasture board is full-care pasture as opposed to a herd of horses on the back 90 with a round bale.  Two or three horses are kept together in a pasture and fed twice a day.  Pastures have shelters for inclement weather.

Horses are fed Bluebonnet Equilene, which is a low carbohydrate pellet formulation.  Supplements provided by you, can be fed with the morning ration.  We feed a grass hay other than Bermuda.  The pastures are Bermuda so feeding another type of hay exposes horses to a broader nutrient range.  Right now, we are working through a load of brome from Kansas and alfalfa from Colorado but are open to other kinds of hay.

The vet vaccinates annually. We can have it done at your expense or you can take care of the vaccines and provide the paperwork to be kept in your horse's file.

Woodlands Equestrian  Center

We do have a barn farrier.  If you'd like to use our farrier, your horse can be cycled in rotation at which point, we would schedule farrier service at your expense.  If you'd prefer another farrier, feel free to schedule at will.

Contact: Lance or Melinda Harris - Woodlands EQC - 1050 W. Charter Oak Rd. - Edmond, OK 73034

(405) 315 5504                   woodlandseqc@gmail.com